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Chapter 2 - A long weekendThe sun broke through the curtains and filled the room with a warm glow. Charlie began to stir and slowly began to open his eyes, adjusting to the brightness that was seeping in he focused on the sight before him, Alice. She was still asleep and appeared to be out for the count. "I guess that the travelling and our escapades last night must have exhausted her" Charlie thought to himself. Not wanting to disturb her he slipped out of the bed and exited the bedroom. Entering the front room he began to quietly clean up the place. Pillows, the duvet and his underwear were all over the gaff. Within a few minutes the room was as clean as it could be, "Good enough I suppose" Charlie said to himself. "Right, let's make a cuppa. Gasping". He filled the kettle and prepared his cup. Charlie then heard the bedroom door open and out walked Alice. Looking fresh but in need of some caffeine. "Mornin'" said Charlie with a smirk."Good Morning" Alice replied "Now that is a sight I could get used to", Charlie felt his heart drop and looked down he was completely naked, his face turned a rather light shade of red. "No need to be embarrassed" Alice laughed "It isn't like I saw it all yesterday". "Y...Yeah but Y'know" Charlie replied feeling ever more embarrassed. "Do you want me to get you some pants to cover your shame?" Alice said with a laugh. "Please" He said. After a few moments Alice came back with something for Charlie to cover up with. "There" Alice said passing the briefs to him "Is that better?""Yes, it is" He replied "I am sorry for that, I honestly feel like a bit of idiot being like that""Don't be" She said "I get what you mean, but after seeing you at full attention there isn't more you can hide from me" she laughed."Anyway, now that that is out of there way here is a cuppa for you" said Charlie. Handing her the coffee along with some milk and sugar. "So what do you think you will do, Alice?" Charlie asked "You came down here to see your sister and that doesn't look like it is going to be happening". "I will be honest I do not know. I know that last night I said I will go back, but I have set aside this time" She replied rather sadly. "I don't get much time off of work and wanted to relax before getting back into the swing of things. "I understand that, Well you are welcome to stay here if you want" Charlie said"I couldn't possible impose on you like that" She replied "You were so nice to allow me to stay last night, and I would not want to overstay my welcome". "You can stay all weekend if you would like" He said cheerfully "If it was such a problem I wouldn't have offered, plus I will be honest, with what happened last night""I was waiting for you to bring that up" Alice Smirked "I thought that it would be a good way to thank you for letting me stay, and if I can be honest as well I haven't been with anyone in a while so I thought Why not?". "That was certainly one way of thanking me, you have it right there" he laughed, although the thoughts of last night were getting him turned on and a tent was forming. Alice glanced down and saw the bulge beginning to form, "Looks like someone remembers last night" she laughed. "Oh I think he does very well" he replied jokingly. "Well... if you ask nicely, maybe I can thank you again" she said, winking at Charlie. "Please?" he said rather sheepishly "Good Answer" she replied. Alice got onto her knees and put her hands on the sides of his briefs. "Shouldn't have bothered bringing these out to you" she smirked.She slowly began to lower them down again and was meet by his fully engorged organ. She licked her lips and gave a kiss on his helmet, slowly licking his slit. She grabbed his shaft and slowly starting pumping it up and down, feeling his length in her hands. Charlie was moaning in pleasure having a woman's delicate hand sliding up and down his shaft for the first time in a long while barring yesterday's escapades.He began to thrust in time with her movements making the pleasure more intense. "Someone is certainly getting into this" Alice said. She slid her hand up towards his helmet and began to pull his foreskin back, revealing his large shiny helmet leaking with pre. Alice stared at awe of the marvel in front of her, now that she could see it properly she was more enticed. It certainly wasn't the longest that she has seen but she would be lying to herself if it wasn't one of the thickness she had seen. With one hand working his shaft, Alice brought her other hand below and cupped his balls. She felt their weight and massaged them between her fingers wanting to extract as much of his seed from them. She lowered her head and enveloped his member, bobbing up and down in time to her hand motions. Stopping to suckle on his helmet and to catch her breath. She continued to work his member in her hand and mouth, hearing Charlie pant and moan in pleasure. She removed her hand from his shaft and lowered it to her sex. Feeling the heat come from it she realised that she was soaking and her knickers were drenched.She entered two fingers into her slit and began to stimulate herself. Had she known before hand how worked up she was, she may have left that until later. As less than a few thrusts later she stopped and melt the tidal wave of pleasure surge across her body. She moaned and nearly fell back but steadied herself by grabbing Charlie around the waist. After coming back to her senses she felt Charlie get larger in her mouth, she knew what was coming. She pumped and sucked with more vigour until she felt his hot seed roll across her tongue and down her throat. The bitterness hit her but she swallowed regardless, not wanting to waste any of it. "Wow..." she said through panting breath"That was incredible" he replied "No one has ever sucked me that good in ages". "Glad that I didn't disappoint" she smiled "Although I think I need a shower now, care to join me?""You keep on getting better and better" he smirkedThey both headed towards the bathroom, Charlie turning the shower on and lowering the temperature. "Don't want to scald you" he laughed. "What do you think I am so delicate wall flower?" Alice jokingly replied smacking Charlie in the gut. "Not at all, I normally have burning hot showers to get rid of all the grime and grease from work" he chuckled back. "Well either way, thank you very much" Alice said stepping into the shower. "Could you be a gent and go into my travel bag and grab my toiletries please?""No problems at all, I'll be two secs" Charlie repliedCharlie went into his bedroom and opened her bag finding the shower gels and shampoos without much effort. He couldn't help but have a quick peek at the rest of the items in there. Most were items you would normally take with you on a trip. Tops, bottoms, underwear. But Charlie thought better of it and returned to the bathroom before too long. "Here you are, I hope these are the right ones" he said. "They are thank you" she smiled backCharlie got into the shower with her and began to clean himself down of what seemed like a weeks worth of grime and nastiness. In reality it was only a day of work and last night. Being in close contact with such a stunning woman especially with water gliding over her body really didn't help keep his mind out of the gutter, before he knew it he was at full mast again. He started to wrap his hands around Alice's waist studying her curves, his member ending up between her legs and resting below her sex, slowly he began thrusting. Only to be interrupted by Alice giggling. "Seems like a part of you really has a one track mind doesn't it?""It's a compliment to how beautiful you are" He grinned back at her. She turned around and laid her hands on his chest and looked at him deeply. She pecked him on the cheek and said "Keep that energy for later on". She kissed him again and exited the shower. Charlie stood in the shower somewhat let down, but knew that later on tonight he would get a chance to finally have a go. He quickly switched his mind back to the present and cleaned himself up, scrubbing all over and paying attention to the hard to reach areas. Scrubbed from head to toe, he exited the shower and dried himself off. He also decided to groom himself as well considering there was a lady present. A quick shave later and he looked years younger,97久久天天综合色天天综合色hd "Maybe I should keep this look?" he thought to himself. After finishing up in the shower, Charlie went to the bedroom to get dressed. Shirt, Jeans, Done. Charlie came into the front room and found Alice sitting on the seatee drinking a cup of coffee. "I've made you one too, it is over on the side" she said with a smile. "Oh, thank you. I could get used to this" he laughed. He grabbed his cup and sat next to Alice on the seatee. "Do you have any plans for today?" she asked. "I'll be honest I normally lounge around on a Saturday or do chores around the house, I did have a quick look in the fridge and there isn't much in. So if you are up for it, we can have an exciting and magical trip to the supermarket" he said laughing at the end. "Well, I was thinking that if you were okay with it I could stay here and help around the house. I feel that I could help make your weekend less stressful." She replied"You don't have to, I would never ask you do that". He said "I am used to doing it whenever I get the time". "As you said earlier, I wouldn't have offered if I weren't happy to". She said. "Okay, well sounds like the day has been planned out for the time being" He laughed"I'll cook us up a nice dinner tonight with all the trimmings" he smiled"To what do I owe this pleasure?" she laughed back "I like to treat my guests, especially the beautiful ones" he replied"Smooth" she laughed back"Anyway, I'll head out now and be back as soon as I can. If you need me, here's my number. See you soon" He smiled and leaned in for a kiss. Alice couldn't help but smile and kissed him. "See you soon" she said. With Charlie out of the house, Alice began to get it tidied up for when he came back. She started with picking up the loose items laying around the flat. Followed by a quick vacuum and puffing of pillows. "Okay, now to start that washing" Alice said to herself.She found the washing basket in the bathroom and brought this to the kitchen and began to sort them out. "Dark, Dark, Dark, Light..." she murmuredMany of the clothes were filthy and covered in dust, dirt and grime. She lobbed the clothes into the washing machine and turned it on. "That's one more thing done, such a messy man. Not that I would complain about that." she said She starting putting the other clothes into the washing bin when she came across his underwear. "He must not change these regularly, sweat, piss and cum stains. Naughty man." She could not help but bring them closer to her. Smelling them and taking in his scent. "Just like last night, such a manly smell" she purred to herself. Alice could feel herself getting wet below, a stray finger reaching down to her sex. Teasing her nub with stray strokes and circles. She felt her breath getting deeper and heavier. She knew she had some time before Charlie got back, she pulled her knickers to one side and slid a finger into her sex. Slowly entering and pulling out to tease her hardened nub. Alice was surprised how worked up she was over Charlie, imagining him entering her with his thick member filling her and making her feel whole. Lost in her own little world she entered a second finger and began to thrust faster, she felt something change and a wave of pleasure swept across her. She shuddered and stifled a moan before coming back to her senses. It took a few moments for her to regain her strength but hurried to return things to how they were. She looked at the clock and saw it was nearing one O'clock, she was starting to wonder where Charlie had got to, she decided to phone him up. But before she could enter his phone number she heard rattling of keys at the door. She stood up and Charlie came stumbling through the door with shopping bags in hand. "Sorry for taking so long" he said "Seemed like the world and his bloody mate were on the road today". "At least you are home now and you can relax" she replied"True" he said. "You sit down and I will put the shopping away" She said to him. Alice began to put the shopping away, asking for nearly every item where they needed to go. Charlie laughed and happily told her where the items needed to go. Nearing the end of the shopping the few last items needed to be put away, Alice bent over to put them in the fridge and Charlie couldn't help but spy a look at Alice. He noticed what was a very clear wet patch in her knickers. He got up and smacked Alice on the bum. "Have some fun whilst I was away?" he laughedAlice's face lit up in the fiercest shade of scarlet. "Uhm..." she bleated out. "Just teasing" he said, smacking her bum again. Once everything was put away, the pair sat down with a fresh cup of coffee and turned on the telly. "Boring, Boring, Boring..." Charlie said flicking through the channels. "The rugby is on if you wanted to watch that?" Alice said"Oh yeah I forgot, it's the Six Nations" He saidThe pair snuggled down on the seatee and began to watch the Rugby. Alice kissed Charlie on the cheek and lay on his chest, before long she was asleep and it wasn't long before Charlie also fell asleep. The pair woke several hours later to the drone of the news and the rugby being finished hours ago. "I am starving" said Charlie "I'll start dinner for us""Sounds like a plan, I am going to use the little girls room" Alice replied kissing him on the way over. End of Chapter 2