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stunned by what happened免费人妻无码不卡中文视频

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stunned by what happened免费人妻无码不卡中文视频

Finals week was fast approaching and Stephanie was locked in her bedroom, exam-cramming like every other student. Soon her high school days would be over and she would be off to medical school. She was very beautiful and considered the heartthrob of every guy in school, but her reputation for being a prude turned off many would-be suitors. She lived with her mother, an extreme conservative who brainwashed her into believing that all sexual things were evil. She was not permitted to be alone with boys and if she ever was caught alone touching herself, her mother would punish her severely.Stephanie had wavy black hair that went to her shoulders, D-cup breasts that made the buttons on her shirt beg for mercy, and a well-toned stomach due to her track and field training. At night she couldn’t help but fantasize about those guys that gawked at her on a daily basis, but the scars on her hands held her back from releasing the ever-growing sexual tension within her.While deep into her biology book, Stephanie was unaware of the prying eyes of a tiny creature outside her window.Tap tap tap“What the…” Stephanie spun around and almost fell from her chair when she saw a tiny winged creature waving at her from outside her bedroom. She looked human, but was only six inches tall, had pointy ears, wings, and leaves for clothing.“I must have fallen asleep. I’m dreaming…I have to be,” Stephanie said as she slowly walked to the window staring at this creature in amazement.Tap tap tap“You gonna let me in, silly?” said the creature with a tiny voice.Stephanie cracked the window slightly, allowing the creature to fly in, and quickly shut the window behind her.“Who are you…what are you?” Stephanie whispered, trying not to wake her mother.“The name’s Arianna and I’m a fairy, of course,“ Arianna gleefully replied.“Shhh, please be quiet; you don’t wanna wake my mother,” Stephanie scolded.“Oh, don’t worry about that. You’re not the first I’ve visited with parents who are a little crazy,” Arianna giggled.“Wha…what do you mean? Never mind, I’m dreaming, of course. Fairies aren’t real.” Stephanie backed away and nearly fell on her bed. “I mean, I’ve given your mom an extra dose of sleepy dust and she is not waking anytime soon and of course I’m real. If I weren’t real, could I do this?” Arianna shot a magical beam toward Stephanie and zapped her on the arm.“Ow!! That hurt!!” Stephanie shrieked. “Okay, if you’re real, then why are you here? What would a fairy be doing in my bedroom?”“You signaled me here; or rather a certain part of you did,” Arianna blushed.“A certain part…what?” Stephanie stared with a blank expression.“Let’s see how I can best explain this to you. I’m what you might call a lust fairy. I visit girls like yourself who have recently come of age but due to whatever beliefs they may have they have never had an orgasm.” Arianna flew down to Stephanie’s waistline and attempted to pull open her pink fuzzy pajama pants. Horrified, Stephanie shrieked and backed away from the seemingly perverted creature.“Excuse me?! What do you think you’re doing?!” Stephanie tried to bat Arianna away from her.“You have too much built-up sexual energy that must be released. If I don’t liberate your vagina soon, it will attract some unfriendly spirits that will harvest the energy in more painful ways. Your vagina tries to signal you to release this energy, and if unsuccessful too many times, it will signal to us lust fairies for assistance.”“What?!" Stephanie screamed as she shook her head.“Look, your vagina has a defense mechanism which is triggered when your sexual arousal is too high and not satisfied. I believe this is what you humans call being horny. If you continue to ignore these signals you are at risk of attracting unfriendly spirits who will harvest your sexual energy by force, be it demons or other dark entities. I believe your culture refers to these spirits as incubuses. When your sexual energy begins to peak at this level, your vagina signals for help and it’s my job to liberate it.”Arianna saluted Stephanie as a soldier would their commanding officer.“You can’t be serious. Fairy or not! That is sick!” Stephanie screamed.“Honey, I’m afraid I don’t have any choice. If any demons were to be awakened by you, it would be disastrous. It’s for your own good.” Arianna wore a devious smile as she tapped her foot on Stephanie’s bed.“You speak of my vagina as if it has a mind of its own. What do you mean by it signaling to you for assistance?” Stephanie continued to inch her way back in the bed with a look of surprise and disgust in her eyes.“I wouldn’t say it has a mind of its own… well, at least not yet,” Arianna smirked as she walked seductively toward the innocent girl before her. “The best I can explain it is we lust fairies can sense certain wavelengths of energy pulsating from within humans once they reach a certain level of arousal. Arousal of this level for girls usually means a hot and tingly feeling and maybe a little wetness in the panties, tee-hee. Most girls would resort to masturbation to relieve the pressure, but there are some like yourself who have a bit of a prudish nature who refuse to touch themselves for whatever reason. Sexual energy left unchecked like that is bait for the incubus and it would be troublesome at best if they were to enter our world.” Arianna pointed a finger at Stephanie’s crotchand a sparkly ball of light danced from her finger.Stephanie jumped back, startled as the light swirled toward her. Her fuzzy pajama pants sailed down to the floor on their own, followed by her pink panties doing the same. While she sat on her bed, stunned by what happened, Arianna flew down to her exposed pussy. She took a deep breath and blew inside Stephanie’s nether lips and then flew back toward the window. Stephanie quickly pulled her panties and pajama pants back on as Arianna began to leave out the window.“Wait! What the hell did you do to me?” Stephanie yelled.“You’ll see, sweet thing. You’ll enjoy it, I promise. My work here is done,” Arianna giggled as she disappeared out the window.As Stephanie stood up to close the window she felt an unusual stirring between her legs and then heard a high-pitched female voice that was not her own.“Oh…my…god I feel amazing! I can move on my own, and I can talk!”Stephanie shrieked as she fell to the floor.“Damn, my counterpart sure is clumsy huh?” the voice giggled.Stephanie tore off her fuzzy pants and panties and shrieked as she saw her shaven pussy lips movelike a mouth.“Wha…wha…what the fuck?!" she screamed.“Well, nice to meet you too,” her vagina giggled. “We’re going to have sooo much fun together; just you wait.” Her nether lips smiled as her breasts began to move under her shirt.“Holy shit,午夜小电影 they’re alive too?” Stephanie exclaimed.“Nah, don’t be silly. They are a part of me. I can move them similar to the way you move your hands.Take your shirt and bra off and I’ll show you.” Her pussy smiled even wider.She reluctantly pulled her shirt off and looked down at her breasts. They wiggled underneath her bra as if trying to break free.“Come on, don’t be shy. Take the bra off,” her pussy said with a sultry voice.Stephanie sighed as she unsnapped her bra and it fell to the floor. Immediately her right breast waved like a hand.“Hi,” her pussy giggled.Her nipples became erect and started rotating on their own accord. Stephanie gasped and grabbed her breasts. She let go as they began to squirm under her hands and she just stood there in stunned silence. There was nothing she could do. Her whole life she had been taught touching herself was evil so she always tried to ignore the urge. Now, thanks to that weird fairy, she was no longer in control of her most intimate parts and they were doing all the touching for her. Her face went flush and she began to moan. She looked down as her nipples began rotating again and then gasped as her breasts began to contract and rotate as if being played with by invisible hands.“Mmm, from the way I’m salivating down here, I think someone’s enjoying herself a little bit,” her pussy taunted. “Come on, just a little touch? I know you want to …"The feeling of her nether lips moving as well as what felt like a new wet appendage moving inside her while it talked was nearly enough on its own to send her over the edge.“It’s wrong…Please…” Stephanie pleaded under her breath.“Look, honey, there is nothing wrong with feeling good. I’m not asking you to have sex with some stranger. I just wanna cum, and I know deep down you want to too. Just sit back and relax. Thanks to Arianna I can do this myself if need be.” Her pussy puckered its lips as if blowing Stephanie a kiss.Then as if on cue, Stephanie squealed as she felt the wet appendage part her nether lips. She looked down and sure enough, there was a tongue sticking out of her pussy and it swirled around her labia as if her pussy was about to eat a tasty dinner. Stephanie involuntarily bucked at the air at the sensation and let out a screech as her pussy’s tongue found her clit.“Mmm, this feels goood. Now that I’m alive I feel everything that you feel. I can’t believe you withheld from touching me this entire time. This is about to get fucking amazing!” her pussy exclaimed as the tongue returned to her clit with vigor. Stephanie’s eyes rolled back in her head as her pussy began to spasm. Her nipples continued to rotate in one direction while her breasts rotated in another.“Oh fuck yeah!!” her pussy screamed as she came long and hard. Stephanie was in shock as she never felt anything like it. She moaned and bucked at the air as her love juices ran down her legs. Her orgasm subsided and she collapsed on the floor. Her pussy’s tongue slurped the juices around her labia and retracted back inside. “My god, that was amazing, did you like that? I know I did,” her pussy taunted with a sultry voice.Stephanie lay there, speechless and exhausted. She gasped when her right breast jiggled on its own.“Hey, honey, I asked you a question,” her pussy giggled.“Ye…yeah amazing, but …” Stephanie stammered. Her nipples tweaked themselves a couple times as her pussy lips formed a smile.“But…Come on, you can tell me. We’re life-long partners after all,” her pussy taunted once more.“I…I don’t know. I’m still trying to take this in. I mean…How can you be alive? This…this is impossible,” Stephanie stammered.“Well, obviously not, ‘cause here I am, and I don’t know about you but I’m ready for round two. So what do you say we drop the chit-chat?” her pussy giggled.“Oh FU…” was all Stephanie got out when her pussy began to eagerly lick itself once again. Both her breasts contracted as if she were being taken by a forceful lover.“Oh fuck, I don’t think I can take anymore!” Stephanie yelled as she threw her hand to her living cunt.“Oh yeah, now we’re talkin',” her pussy growled as it sucked in two of her fingers. Startled, Stephanie tried to pull her hand away but her pussy would not let go.“Damn it, what the hell?” Stephanie struggled. Her pussy moaned as it sucked her fingers harder. The walls of her pussy contracted in such a way that as her fingers were sucked, they were grinding up against her g-spot. Despite her protest, it felt amazing and she began to give in as her orgasm began to build, this time slower but more powerful. She moaned and laid her head back as her left breast began to nudge her left arm. As there was no point in protesting now, she gave in and grabbed her left breast with her free hand and began massaging it. She then felt her right breast jiggle and liftup. When she looked down, her nipple grazed her lips. “What the hell,” she thought as she began to lick her nipple, sending another wave of pleasure through her. A muffled giggle was heard between her legs as she began sucking and licking her nipple, pushing her closer to the edge.As she reached the peak of her orgasm she began moving her fingers inside her aching sex, massaging her g-spot even more. Her orgasm hit like a freight train and love juices spewed from her cunt like a fire hydrant. Her hand was finally freed as both she and her living pussy screamed in ecstasy. Determined to keep the orgasm going, her pussy’s tongue slurped out and began licking her clit again.“For god's sake, I can't take any more!” Stephanie screamed as she bucked the air and then flipped over onto the floor. Her pussy giggled as it continued to lick her swollen clit, bringing her to another painful orgasm. Once the last orgasm subsided, the tongue finally stopped and her pussy giggled once again.“Wha…what’s so funny?” Stephanie muttered under her breath.“Haha, I made you touch yourself, you little sinner you, hehe