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or both?Geez免费裸体黄网站18禁免费

This story is a work of fiction.Like most of my stories, the basic scenario is one suggested by a friend of mine.She had found herself In this situation once, and through discussion, we talked about the basic lusts and passions between two individuals and the internal conflicts they would have to overcome to basic religious morals and overall societal mindfucks the youth of today have to go through concerning sex. I can empathize with the characters, but legally cannot condone sexual relations between a minor and an adult.Laura and her Youth MinisterCHAPTER 4Laura was waiting on the porch at 6 AM.She had arisen at 5 and got ready and dressed.Last night she had spent several hours trying on her new bikini, and trying different tops and makeup, shoes, nail polish with it, looking for the right combination of innocent sexy for her needs.She had bought one she knew her Dad wouldn’t give her a lot of trouble about, and she also wanted something that would stay on, because the rides at the park were known to undress women in skimpy suits.She settled on the colorful striped one, and liked the way it fit.Laura felt her tits looked good in it, it showed some of the swell of her breasts, but not a whole lot.It fit her thighs and hips well; she really liked it, and chose pink nail polish to go with the pink stripe, a white oxford shirt she had borrowed long ago from her brother, and those funky Chuck Taylor blue low top basketball shoes.She liked the whole package, the shirt and shoes kind of camouflaged what was underneath.She really couldn’t wait to see how Michael reacted when she took her shirt off after casually working the shoes off with her toes.Standing in front of a mirror she practiced several times, trying different faces, different words, different expressions.She was happy, and even though she was acting kind of silly, she was really enjoying this.She looked at the full length mirror and put on her puppy dog eyes and blinked widely.“Are you looking at my boobs, Brother Michael?”She smiles coyly.“They aren’t big or anything, but I guess if you really want…”Laura cups her breasts and squeezes them for her imaginary audience and then slowly peels the top up, teasingly letting the bottom of the cups snag on her nipples, looking up shyly then finally pulling it all the way up, blushing and standing there for inspection.Man, that made her hot.She wished she had that kind of courage.How badly she wanted to see his eyes on her perky firm tits.Yes, they weren’t big, but they fit her body nicely, and really she didn’t want too much more.She had a few teammates who had big tits, and they always complained about them when it came to sports.So yeah, they were fine.She inspected them in the mirror like she had done so many nights before as they started to grow in, turning this way and that.Not a bit of sag, perfectly formed, not too pointy, not too fat at the bottom. Thank God they didn’t hurt so much anymore!Just little soft round orbs that matched perfectly, and her nipples were cute too, not puffy and odd looking, but cute and well defined, her areola was not a huge ring around them either, but were just right in how they fit with the centered nipples that pointed just a bit up.Laura let her freshly painted nails drag over the outer circles and then pinched the nipples lightly, feeling them stiffen and the tingle grow in her belly.She thought about taking a picture of them and sending it to her online friend, he really liked that, and she did too!But maybe another night.Tonight was all about Brother Michael as she stifled a groan and covered both warm tits with her hands, imagining they were his hands for a minute.How would they feel?Smooth and strong certainly, but would he stroke or squeeze, or both?Geez, yes! She so wanted him to want to see her as much as her friend Brad did.She wanted to hear him say the same things to her.She blushed as she felt a wave of pleasure run over her body, and pulled the top down.“There!Satisfied?” She says to the mirror with a wink.Turning she looks over her shoulder.“Would you be a dear and rub a little sun block on my back?I can’t quite reach it all.”Laura ran her hands over her sides and looked at her back, the bra strap and the suit how it all looked, imagining what he would be seeing, how he would see it.“Are you looking at my butt now, Mr. Naughty?” she said in mock surprise and ended it with a little “Tsk, tsk”“There is just no end to your needs are there?”As she let one hand slide down to the knot on the side, she added her other hand, teasingly untying it, until she held an end in each hand.Looking over her shoulder into the mirror, she playfully dropped the string holding the back up and saw her lighter shaded ass come into view.“Go on take a picture, you pervert” she wickedly grinned over her shoulder at him, the dropped the other strap, letting the colorful bottoms fall to the floor in a puddle around her feet. Covering her freshly shaved pussy she turned shyly.“Guess you want to see this too, huh?”She pulled her hands apart and rested them palm down on either side of her centered bare slit, framing it.“Do you think it is pretty?” she asked almost breathlessly, moving closer to the mirror.“It’s so wet,” she said in the same breath, inches from the mirror now,中文字幕av dragging a finger through the folds and bringing it to her mouth.She saw the moist film of her excitement on them in the mirror and watched herself as she opens her mouth sexily and then closed it on the slender forefinger, moaning a soft “MMmmmm” as she sucked it longer than necessary to clean it. Oh man, she frowned for a second and drops the top, taking one more look at her body, now completely naked, and remembers the time.Her mom would be popping in right after the news to check on her and tell her goodnight.She had a few minutes left and pulled a soft old tee shirt over her head and wiggled into a fresh pair of panties and her favorite shorts for sleeping.She sat down at her desk and opened the computer and checked her email, seeing if anything interesting was there, then her facebook, leaving it open while she clicked on messenger to check if anything was there.She couldn’t start anything with anyone tonight, but still it was nice to know people wanted to talk to her.Closing it, she closed the email and made a tour of facebook, but she really wasn’t into it.She grabbed a book and turned off the computer, then lay down on her bed, covering up as she tried to read the book.Come on Mom, she pleads in her mind, I want some me time right now, as she casually rubs her stomach under the covers as she re reads the same passage over and over again.Finally her mom comes in and asks her if she is ready for tomorrow, and tells her that her suit is really cute, and would she wake up on her own, or did someone need to come make sure she was up? “No, mom it’s all good…I am pretty excited about it, so I imagine I will wake up 100 times and check the clock anyway.I have the alarm set on my clock and my phone, just in case.And thanks for letting me buy a new suit so late in the summer.At least it wasn’t too expensive being on sale and all.” She gave her mom a few minutes, thinking she might come back with one other thought, like she sometimes did, but seemed like the coast was clear.She turned her light off and clicked on the iPod in the clock radio like she did every night.Slowly she ran her hands up under her top and began to massage her tits, thinking back to the mirror, her fantasy moments, feeling the nipples get hard almost instantly.While one hand stayed there, the other drifted over her crotch and she lightly started rubbing herself, thinking about it being Brother Michael’s fingers, not hers.She was so frustrated.Why couldn’t she just do something like that?Be that forward?But no, she couldn’t because girls weren’t supposed to think about those things, much less initiate them.Damn, she thought as she pushed the thoughts from her mind and re-engaged fantasy mode.Soon her fingers were under her shorts, inside her panties, rubbing the smooth slit, feeling the glow, the tingle starting.She worked then down to her ankles and began to rub in earnest, some of her thoughts going to Michael, some to the things men have said to her online.Laura lets her finger slip further down and swirled some of the wetness around her little asshole.She shivers and thinks about how Brad promised he would lick it, to touch it, to play with it.She wondered if Brother Michael would do that.Would he be that nasty?Oh yessss….she plunged one finger into the slickened hole and thought how a warm living throbbing veiny cock would feel in there….Finger fucking her own butt for a bit, she uses her other hand to rub her pussy.She comes closer to coming, so much closer.She imagines Michael over her bent form, his big hands on her smooth creamy butt, him watching his cock slide in and out of it!With a shiver, she came, and bit her lower lip to keep quiet.Her toes curled and legs went stiff as she felt the wave of pleasure wash over her.A little unstable, she got up to clean herself in the bathroom, then returned to bed, humming to the music.Soon she drifted off to sleep.